Ramon Manent’s La Pedrera

© Ramon Manent
© Ramon Manent

Photographer Ramon Manent (Mataró, 1948) specialises in art portraiture, Catalan Romanesque and Gothic architecture and, above all, Catalan Modernisme. This last period stands out for the work of Gaudí, in which Manent underscores its shapes, textures and colours. His rendering of the great architect’s oeuvre evinces a remarkable sensitivity for capturing the light and space of his subject.

Manent has also practised anthropological reportage photography in a wide range of settings, from the urban architecture of Manhattan’s skyscrapers, to the landscape of classical Greece or the rocky topography of Cappadocia.

Of his many artistic, cultural and social publications, the photographer is most highly acclaimed for his monographic works on Gaudí, including the Guël Palace (Diputació de Barcelona, Barcelona, 1990), La Pedrera. Gaudí and his work (Fundació Caixa Catalunya, Barcelona, 1998), the catalogue to the exhibition Gaudí: Art and Design, held in La Pedrera in 2002, and most recently The Espai Gaudí Guide.

His archive contains more than 300,000 meticulously documented photographs, taken in both a personal and a creative capacity.